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We have been privileged to counsel current and prospective landowners, developers, property managers, homeowners' associations, and other clients involved in activities pertaining to the purchase, sale, ownership, leasing, or use of real property.  Our background representing local governments gives us the necessary expertise to guide clients through matters involving zoning disputes, subdivisions, permitting, and other development topics.  Our rigorous and detail oriented approach to real estate transactions, leases, and property management seeks to protect the interests of our clients by anticipating issues before they occur.  

Land Use/Zoning, Commercial Transactions,

Property Management

Real Estate

Civil, Commercial, Real Estate


We regularly appear on behalf of our clients in trial and appellate litigation in state and federal courts.  Our experience in trying and appealing hundreds of cases makes us uniquely well suited to handle lawsuits involving complex legal issues in a variety of fields, including land use, zoning, local government, real estate, construction, and contract disputes. 



We aggressively represent and defend individuals accused of crimes, ranging from DUI and drug possession, to complex fraud and murder.  Years of combined experience as former prosecutors and investigators, as well as trying cases in private practice, gives us the perspective necessary to grasp these high stakes.  We understand that the consequences of criminal charges or convictions are extremely high for our clients and their families, which is why we focus not only on advocating for our client's interests, but also on guiding them compassionately through this difficult process.  We also assist clients in resolving related matters, including campus disciplinary proceedings and workplace investigations. 

DUI, Traffic, Expungement, Disciplinary Proceedings, Investigations

Criminal Law


In our experience, far too many people believe that estate planning is something they don't need, when, in reality, every individual and family can benefit from planning for their future.  Our estate planning attorneys expertly guide individuals through this complex and emotional process.  By developing an in-depth understanding of each client's goals and desires, we can devise a bespoke and comprehensive set of planning instruments, personalized to their individual circumstances.  We also assist clients with the administration and resolution of estates, from navigating the probate process to resolving disputes.

Wills, Estate Planning, Powers of Attorney, Guardians and Conservators

Trusts & Estates


Contracts, Corporate Formation, Transactions

We routinely counsel small and medium-sized companies in a variety of sectors and industries with respect to their general business needs.  Our attorneys have decades of combined experience in contract drafting, incorporation or partnership/LLC formation, mergers and acquisitions, sales, and other commercial topics.  We can also provide advice on compliance with a number of state and federal legal and regulatory schemes, involving labor and employment, trademark, copyright, environmental, workplace safety, and other issues.  Additionally, we counsel clients on topics in the emerging fields of cybersecurity and data breach.  

Business Law


Counties, Cities, Towns, Zoning Boards

We have decades of experience in providing a variety of services for local government entities in Virginia, including Boards of Supervisors, Planning Commissions, subordinate departments, and other agencies.  We advise these clients on a variety of matters including government contracts, land use and zoning, elections law, and constitutional law.  We also regularly assist these clients in drafting and revising local ordinances, conducting official meetings, and in litigation in state and federal court.    

Local Government
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